Building Enclosure Commissioning

Tuesday, May 8, 08:00 – 09:30

At its core, Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) seeks to achieve optimum building function for the owners of existing or new buildings. Through the addition of quality oriented tasks, aimed at improving the design and constructed performance of the building enclosure, the BECx process adds to the traditional design and construction phases of development, contributing a pre-design and occupancy phase. Inherently designed to serve the owner of the building, the BECx process provides benefit to the entire design and construction team by providing an independent, technically knowledgeable party to provide objective feedback on the building enclosure design detailing, constructabity and installation practices. Through this process, it is expected the building meet or exceed the owner’s project requirements.

The presentation will review practice of BECx over the past 12 years, and discuss the challenges moving forward, including training and certification, codification of commissioning, the role of the AHJ, professional liability, development of standards, experience and most importantly: How does the BECx process bring value and really make a difference? The presentation will address the implementation of the BECx process as applied to the air and moisture barrier, and the significant role it plays in achieving successful whole building performance.

Level of content:
Basic | Intermediate
Construction & Testing

Fiona Aldous

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Fiona Aldous is involved with commissioning and design peer review of buildings enclosures, commencing with the pre-design phase, design phase and extending through completed construction with on-site observation and performance verification. She has specific experience in the detailing and installation of various curtain wall and window systems, sloped glazing, air barriers, waterproofing of below-grade and plaza systems, low slope roofs, and the interfaces of the various enclosure components. She has performed investigations and condition surveys on numerous building types and a variety of building enclosure systems. Such investigations typically have resulted in the development of repair designs to remediate distressed and defective building enclosures.