Design, Materials and Installation: Three Facets Of An Integrated Weather Barrier System

Track 1: Design Sessions

Wednesday, May 9, 14:00 – 15:00

Whether it is new construction, restoration or repair, it is critical to the long term success of any project and to the sustainable performance of any building that the building envelope components be brought together to create an Integrated Weather Barrier. This is achieved through the purposeful coordination of the three facets of all projects; Design, Material and Installation.

This seminar will define the concept of the building envelope, examine the importance of obtaining an Integrated Weather Barrier and explain how the functions of Design, Material and Installation are intimately intertwined and how they can be coordinated.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define and develop a better understanding of the Building Envelope concept.
  2. Define and develop a better understanding of the Integrated Weather Barrier concept and how it impacts the performance and sustainability of buildings.
  3. Define and develop a better understanding of the Design, Material & Installation concept and how they are related.
  4. Explore the process of proactively creating coordination between Design, Material and Installation to achieve an Integrated Weather Barrier.
Level of content:
Construction & Testing

Gary Williams

Senior Project Manager
Conley Group

Mr. Williams is a highly skilled Client Executive and Project Manager with an extensive background in K-12 schools, commercial buildings, sports facilities, and historic structures. He possesses proven expertise in facility assent management planning, building envelop design, construction administration and project management.

Mr. Williams skill set includes managing building envelope assessments, designing and developing facility asset databases, and creating facility asset management plans. He also provides services which include the evaluation and diagnosis of building envelop defects, condition reports, and design for roof restoration, exterior restoration, and construction administration. He reviews plans and specifications of prepared drawings by architects or other consultants, focusing on improvement of waterproofing details and design improvement. Mr. Williams is member of the Project Management Institute and Roof Consultants Institute.