Teaming To Address Envelope Enclosure Commissioning And Air Tightness Of Commercial Buildings

Track 2: Construction & Testing Sessions

Wednesday, May 9, 15:30 – 16:30

Accounting for nearly 6 quads of primary energy consumption, properly installed and functioning enclosure systems – windows, walls, and roofs – are essential for optimal building comfort, functionality, and energy performance. In the commercial sector, the most impactful components are infiltration and conduction through windows, followed by infiltration and conduction through walls. Subsequently,
energy efficient envelope technologies, if installed correctly, can play an important role in reducing the attributable energy consumption.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx), a process to verify buildings are constructed as designed, and thus serves an important role in reducing the air infiltration in commercial buildings. Essential to effective BECx are communication and teamwork among building owners, managers, designers, construction mangers, installers, and commissioning agents.

Join this session to learn about DOE’s Better Building Alliance’s Building Envelope Technology Research Team’s efforts to understand the implementation drivers and challenges for BECx. Dr. Pallin will present the value of deploying high performance envelope design solutions for space conditioning load reduction and to facilitate the construction of durable and high performing envelope technologies.
Discussions with market actors, including building owners/managers, architects, engineers, and consultants will be presented and form analysis of in‐field implementation and adoption challenges of relevance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of addressing infiltration with enclosure commissioning for commercial buildings.
  2. Review the current state of the art of envelope enclosure commissioning.
  3. Discuss what are the barriers and gaps in envelope enclosure commissioning.
  4. Discuss in‐field implementation and adoption challenges for airtightness in commercial buildings.
Level of content:
Construction & Testing

Som Shrestha, PhD, BEMP

R&D Staff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Dr. Som Shrestha is an R&D staff member within the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His current research is focused on the experimental and analytical study of the energy performance of building envelope, equipment, and systems. He is leading the development of an online energy savings calculator for building envelope airtightness. Dr. Shrestha is an ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP).