Peeling Back the Onion

Tuesday May 7, 2:45pm – 3:45pm

This presentation is an in-depth dive into a leak investigation at a high school Industrial Arts and Horticulture Building that snowballed into a remedial architecture project and then escalated further with discoveries that raised structural red flags and created an expansion to the original scope of work. While investigating water damage, additional nonconforming conditions were uncovered and additional areas had to be opened, revealing even more questionable building practices. In the end, the structure of the south façade was replaced, as well as 1/3 of the roof structure, and the entire building was “re-skinned”. Due to the nature of the failures, this project also became a case for litigation.

This presentation is presented as a Case Study that covers the timeline of the project from the initial investigation, the layers of additional discoveries, the remedial design, and the construction process while briefly covering the litigation that followed. Throughout the timeline, each layer of the onion is pulled back for discussion, as well as to inform attendees of how each of those issues was overcome.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Through a Case Study of a completed K-12 project, participants will examine the importance of regular on-site QA/QC observations during the construction process.
  2. Participants will discuss the importance of continuity between air and water barrier systems and how lapping and transitions between adjacent systems are often incorrectly addressed.
  3. Participants will discuss the importance of well-planned and coordinated building maintenance plans in relation to an existing real-world project.
  4. Participants will acquire a better understanding of sequencing and constructability and how what is drawn relates to what is actually constructed.
Level of content:

Nathan Taylor, CSI, CDT

DTR Consulting Services, Roseville CA

Nathan Taylor, CSI, CDT, is an accomplished international professional with extensive architectural design and building envelope experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and is highly involved in CSI. Nathan oversees the Construction Phase Services and Forensic Investigation scope of project work at DTR Consulting Services. He is an advocate for spending time on construction sites and “learning by doing”. He is passionate about drawing as a form of design communication and hosts an annual Architectural-themed drawing event each October. He and his family live in northern California and enjoy spending time outdoors. He stays actively creative by drawing and writing novels in his free time.