Air Barrier Training for Owners, Architects, Construction Managers, and General Contractors

Track 2: Contractor Sessions

Wednesday, April 19, 10:00 – 11:00

The presentation would provide Owners,  Architects, Construction Managers and General Contractors with the framework to integrate air barriers into their construction project  planning, design,  development of  integrated project specifications, the 01400 specification and air barrier requirements , bidding practices, mocks ups, submittals ,  scheduling, work sequencing, field performance testing,

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the risks posed by both project design and construction to air barriers
  2. Understand the accredited AB Installer in concert with the  ABAA QAP provides for project risk management
  3. Understand the responsibilities of the Owner, A/E, CM, GC and installer for air barriers.
  4. Learn the critical coordination issues for air barriers that  are the responsilibity of  A/Es,CMs & GCs
Level of content:
Intermediate - Advanced
Design Professionals
Testing, Analysis and Quality Assurance Program

William R. Nash, P.E.-  Al, IL, IN, KY, Mo, TX, VA

WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Manassas, VA

William R. Nash, P.E., is a Senior Project Manager with WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers. He is responsible for professional engineering services for building enclosure investigations for structures including hospitals, laboratories, educational facilities, libraries, offices and multi-story residential. He is also involved in historic building investigations, repair, construction observation ,  building enclosure condition assessments, constructability, building enclosure coordination programs ( BECP), Commissioning-  BECx,  field  performance testing of building envelopes. He has served on the committees that produced NIBS Exterior Enclosure Commissioning  Guidelines 03-2006 and 03-2012, and on the committee that produced ASTM E 2813 Standard for Enclosure Commissioning. Mr. Nash is active on committees in ASHRAE, Air Barrier Association of America- Terminations & Flashings and Technical ,  American Concrete Institute – committees on  Education and Tolerances  , American National Standards Institute— member of the A 10 committee on  Standards for Construction and Demolition,  American Society of Civil Engineers- Co Editor  Practice Periodical on Structural Engineering and Construction, co chair of Site Construction Safety , American Society of Safety Engineers, The Masonry- Society Construction- Construction Practices  , Post Tensioning Institute,  Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance- Consultant and Safety committees  and  an active member of  ASTM  standard committees on: dimension stone;   building seals and sealants, Roofing &waterproofing, fire standards,  performance of buildings, forensic engineering and sustainability.

Andrew Wagner, P.E.

Divisional Manager
WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Andrew Wagner is currently the Charlottesville, Virginia Divisional Manager with WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers. He performs and manages architectural, structural and material engineering activities. He specializes in facade restoration and repair, building envelope design and detailing, fenestration specification and testing, submittal and construction document review, construction observation and review, air barrier audits for the Air Barrier Association of America and a member of ASTM E06 committee on the Performance of Buildings. Mr. Wagner’s education includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering in 2007 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and is currently licensed as a civil engineer in the state of Virginia.