Mock Ups

Track 4: Testing, Analysis & Quality Assurance

Wednesday, April 19, 16:00 – 17:00

Mock-ups, or first-run studies are important to ensure a building will be constructed as intended so it can and does meet the performance requirements for which our buildings are required to meet. The presentation will introduce some basic building science principles along with bringing a straight forward view on why this step in the construction process is so critical to the overall success of the project. We will review the various types of mock-ups / first-run studies from actual projects which the speaker has been involved with over the 15 years; and discuss the various industry performance tests / standards used on the mock ups along with the advantages / disadvantages of these various types of mock-ups. The presentation will end with a discussion on what to do after the mock up passes the required tests, and provide some ideas on how to bring the Lessons Learned from the construction and testing of the Mock up to the field tradesmen whom are ultimately responsible for the final installation of products on the building.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand why the mock-up / first-run study is so critical (every building is unique)
  2. Learn about various types of mock-ups / first-run studies and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each
  3. Discuss industry testing on the performance mock-up / first-run study
  4. Discuss the importance of Root Cause Analysis and what comes after the mock-up – training from lessons learned
Level of content:
Design Professionals
Testing, Analysis and Quality Assurance Program

Brain Stroik, Vice Chair ABAA, Past Chair National BEC, Advisory Board BETEC, Voting Member ASTM E 06

Manager, Building Envelope Solutions Team
Tremco Sealants & Waterproofing, Beachwood, OH

Brian Stroik is a recognized industry leader in the construction of energy efficient, sustainable and durable buildings.

Brian works with key industry organizations – including the Air Barrier Association of America, the National Building Enclosure Council, the Building Enclosure Technology and Environmental Council (BETEC), and ASTM E06 – on research and education regarding building enclosures, energy efficiency, and retrofitting and upgrading existing building enclosures.

Brian is a frequent speaker on the subjects of commissioning the building enclosure (BECx), quality in construction, and mock ups / first run studies.

Brian’s free time is spent with his lovely wife, 5 children, and “mini zoo.”