Understanding the Differences Between Curtainwall and Storefront Glazing and Field Installation Issues to Avoid

Track 2: Construction

Wednesday, March 27, 3:30 – 4:30pm

This presentation will clearly identify the differences between a Storefront and Curtainwall glazing system.  The presenter will also provide guidelines as to where each should be used,  including structural performance and general rules of thumb for each system.  The presentation will end with a focus on issues and solutions used to fix / repair the problems seen in the field from over a decade of site visits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basic differences between Curtainwall and Storefront glazing systems
  2. Understand the basics on how Curtainwall and Storefront systems are installed
  3. Review issues commonly seen in the field for each product
  4. Provide solutions to installation issues commonly witnessed in the field.
Level of content:
Design Professionals
Testing & Inspection

Anthony C. Santocono

Kawneer Company

Anthony was awarded a position at Kawneer Canada in May 1986, based on an award sponsored by Kawneer to his attending College. He was hired as a draftsperson and within 3 months was working for product engineering group doing most of the technical drawings for new products. In 1987, he became the first Canadian Kawneer tech to develop systems and with the usage of AutoCAD and begin the process of all Kawneer product design and engineering with AutoCAD.

In the early 90’s he became part of the Kawneer product engineering group that was responsible for all the design, development and testing of Kawneer’s Hi-Performance product lines with of ISOweb and ISOport thermal break technology.

In 1997, he became the product application engineer for Kawneer specializing in   Curtain Wall, Windows and Skylights. Then in 1998 he was offered the position for Field Investigation Technician too which he is still serving today. This position takes him to many project sites around the USA and Canada to provide forensic and investigative services of Kawneer product performance. He also trains the Kawneer Customer base on installation and fabrication of Kawneer Systems. This May he will be celebrating 33 yrs. of service with the Kawneer Company.